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Meet Me In The Margins

By Melissa Ferguson

“The written word became my passion. And from that moment on all I knew was what an incredible honor it would be to bring that adventure, that life, that joy, that hope, that world to somebody else.”

– Savannah Cade, Meet Me In The Margins

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Book Review

“Meet Me In The Margins” is a book, about books, set in the book world! It’s a darling combination of clean romance and comedy that book girls will be sure to love.

Savannah Cade is not your typical rom-com personality; it is so refreshing! Her imperfections and human responses to many awkward and disappointing circumstances make her the perfect leading lady. She is just so lovable and relatable, and most of us will likely spy something of ourselves in her. Include some other quirky characters and a hilariously adorable meet-cute, and you’ve got a charming story.

Savannah dreams of becoming a romance author while working away as a publishing editor at a small company that prides itself on publishing only the best literature, which certainly does not include romance. As she stashes her manuscript into her secret ARC book room (which adds to the magic of the story!), she discovers a mystery editor is leaving notes in the margins, correcting, offending, improving and encouraging her writing. But who is this mystery editor?

While this lighthearted novel deals with heavier themes like rejection, fear of failure and comparison, it is not in a way that burdens the reader – making it the all-around perfect clean romance to rest into. This novel is full of flavoursome language, clever wit, and so many out-loud laughs; I did not stop smiling in the two days it took me to read it!

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