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Of Literature & Lattes

By Katherine Reay

Right in the mix of books and story, with her two best friends beside her, she got to create art – and through art she found herself.

– Janet, Of Literature & Lattes

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Book Review

The familiarity of home is something many of us can relate to. It has often been pondered how people grow, yet places remain the same. The strange but often true observation that upon returning from an adventure, having experienced a season of growth, and feeling ourselves drastically different – that what we come back to remains the same – unchanged, untouched, familiar… somewhat safe and predictable in its consistency.

Alyssa, who grew up in the small ‘unchanging’ quirky town of Winsome (but ran away to pursue a start-up company and escape her mother), finds her world turned upside-down as she tries to put the pieces of her shattered life back together. The company she poured her energy into collapses, and her bank accounts are bone dry. Believing she has got nowhere left to turn, she swallows her pride and seeks shelter in the safety of her old town, trusting that although everything is different in her life – home never changes. Unbeknownst to her, the city, the landmarks, and even the people are all changing. Suddenly what seemed like her predictable hideout and regrouping refuge is now just another inconsistent thing in her life.

Jeremy, a struggling business owner who moved across the country to be closer to his daughter, is new to Winsome and floundering to keep his new business – coffee shop Andante – afloat. Jeremy feels just about as isolated and out of place as Alyssa, and crossing paths, they begin to bond over a mutual love Of Literature and Lattes. Finding familiarity in one another, they work together to repair their lives, relationships, careers, and hope; “With some help of Winsome’s small-town charm and quirky residents, Alyssa and Jeremy discover the beauty and romance of second chances.”

Of Literature & Lattes is the perfect book to snuggle up with. The mix of revisiting the much-loved characters from The Printed Letter Bookshop while introducing new and relatable characters is deeply satisfying. As you turn the pages, you’ll feel like you’re visiting an old friend you didn’t even realise you missed… and you will be thrilled to know this friend has a new and exciting story to tell.

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