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Set The Stars Alight

By Amanda Dykes

“The world is dark, so dark we sometimes forget the stars. But they are always there – we need only fight to see these brilliant places of light, these echoes of the truest story. Of a man who gave his life for another – and of a Man, centuries before him, who gave His life for the world. The One who is coming…and coming…and coming after you. Fighting for your heart… He sets the stars alight… And we open our eyes to this in benevolent defiance of the dark… by remembering”

– Simon Claremont

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Book Review

‘Set the Stars Alight’ is enchanting; another beautiful story from Amanda Dykes – a truly gifted author.

Amanda intricately weaves together present, and past like a historical tapestry sprinkled with the beauty and magic of God’s love.

To think He has written the story of our lives, that nothing happens because of luck, that He predestined everything to connect and unfold in the way He has planned, is both comforting and heart-warming.

The novel tells two stories over dual timelines filled with equal amounts of sorrow and hope, proving that true friendship is the kind that reaches across both distance and time and cannot be destroyed by pain or betrayal.

These two stories are captivating and uplifting, filled with beauty and magic. They are intricately woven and connected across distance and time, filled with endearing and lovable characters ready to welcome you home.

“I think it’s our duty to keep the stories, to pass them on. It is our duty — and our honor. In a world as dark as ours, we — that is, people — forget how to see the light. So we remind them by telling the truth, fighting the dark, paying attention… setting the stars alight. There are things shining brightly all along, if we will notice.” – Simon Claremont

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Bec is a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful children. She has dedicated her life to teaching little learners in Primary school and is a kind, compassionate and loving friend.

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