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Women of the Word

by Jen Wilkin

“It seemed beyond obvious that if God has given us his revealed will in the Bible, I should be spending more time trying to know and understand it. But the task seemed overwhelming. Where was I supposed to start?”

– Jen Wilkin

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Book Review

What does it truly look like to be a woman after God’s own heart? Is it enough that we fervently pray, lament, or examine our hearts before the Lord? Is it enough to pick up our two-minute devotional and read about someone else’s encounter or revelation from the Lord? Or perhaps we might read an inspirational Bible quote for the day and then put a big mental tick next to ‘daily Bible reading’ and believe this is enough.

All of these things are good, some may be better than others, yet if we seek the Lord, we ought to look for him wholeheartedly – which then comes with the promise of finding Him (Jeremiah 29:13).

How can we do this? How can we take the next step in our faith and truly grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father?

In Women of the Word, Jen highlights “How to study the Bible with both our hearts and our minds”. With practice, we can sit in the presence of God with our Bibles open and begin to understand what the text means. We can learn to understand better the context and how the writing applies to us, all with the correct attitude. When we remember that the Bible is a book about God, it is His story, which through His grace, informs us of who we are and how we can live, we can better apply it to our lives.

Join me, friends, as we learn how to unpack the truth, wonder and richness of the true living book. You won’t only understand more about God, but you will also emerge with new and practical study skills and a deep affection for the words, stories, and truth your Bible holds.

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