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You Make it Feel Like Christmas

By Toni Shiloh

“You’re the reason it actually feels like Christmas.”

– Starr Lewis

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After being laid off from her prestigious New York City job, Starr Lewis returns home to DC for Christmas believing she is a failure. Never quite feeling like she fits in with her own family of perfect overachievers, Starr is dreading the holiday season. But it’s not just the holidays and her newly unemployed status that has her anxious, it’s also the upcoming Christmas Eve wedding of her selfish and bossy sister Angel… to her ex-boyfriend!

As Starr grapples internally with the challenges of the upcoming wedding – and the many excruciating expectations placed on her – she finds both comfort and joy in her fast friend Waylon. Waylon is a childhood friend of the Lewis family and has been invited to participate in the family’s Christmas activities after the recent death of his mother, and his sister – the only family he has left – currently living overseas in Japan.

Starr and Waylon are instantly attracted to one another, but with Waylon tied down to his late mother’s Christmas store in DC and Starr seeking a new NY job, they’ll need discernment, coffee, and prayer, to get them through this hectic Christmas season and to make plans for what comes next.

This is a touching and relatable Christmas novella, reminding us that things are not always as we perceive them to be. If we choose to live more alert to others at Christmastime, we can put aside past hurts, unforgiveness, and competitiveness, and live within the moment, embracing the true Christmas spirit. The fruit of these intentional – and often hard decisions – is that we can enjoy restored relationships, or at the very least, live lives free from bitterness and resentment.

These important themes and messages are mixed in amongst the sweetest PG romance, full of delightfully cheesy one-liners and swoon-worthy Christmas kisses.

I loved this one! 🎄🎄🎄🎄/5 beautifully decorated Christmas trees!

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