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Book girl

By Sarah Clarkson

“This book is about the dance and joy of women reading, an invitation to that wise laughter, to the grace known by all the book girls of the world who live by the delighted conviction that reading is a vital ingredient in a woman’s full engagement with her faith, her creativity, and her capacity to grow in knowledge and love throughout each season of her life.”

– Sarah Clarkson

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Book Review

“Book girl” is a magical memoir and practical ‘how to read well’ guide for all book girls worldwide. Uncovering the beauty of a reading life, Sarah takes us on a journey beginning from her early girlhood reading years and through her adult life as she shares many profound and meaningful books which have imparted truth, wonder, and beauty into her soul.

Sarah helps us discover how reading can deepen our faith and spiritual life. She reminds us of how classic literature is of immense value and delight and how we can cultivate a lifestyle that upholds reading and its importance to shape and transform our feminine souls.

Full of beautiful and poetic writing, Sarah’s vivid imagination, lovely firm faith and clever book discernment will help you navigate the plethora of literature available – directing you to books that help you towards glory (p14).

If you weren’t already a Book girl, you would be after reading this book! And if you already had a passion for reading, this book will ignite a deeper desire to read and learn all the things within your grasp, knowing and understanding the true gift of a well-read life. Friend, let your life become story formed, become a woman who “taps into the fundamental reality that she was created to learn, made to question, primed to grow by her interaction with words.” (p34)

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